13 New York State has said the Hudson is safe for swimming, boating and catch-and-release fishing — including this favored spot near Schuylerville, NY. Agency has set forth a rational path for collecting and analyzing data to assess improvements in river conditions. This approach is supported by a major independent research organization, the Hudson River Foundation. In a June 2017 report evaluating the dredging project, The Hudson River Foundation noted: “Modifications to the post- dredging monitoring program and continued evaluation of the next few years of monitoring data are therefore recommended to assess if natural attenuation will be sufficient in reducing PCB concentrations in fish in a reasonable time frame or if additional remedial actions will be required.”16 GE will perform long-term monitoring of fish, sediments and water as part of an ongoing assessment of river conditions. In addition, GE is working with EPA in reviewing the low-lying shoreline areas near the Hudson that are prone to flooding during high-water events such as spring runoff, to evaluate where PCBs may be located in such areas. Van Schaick Island Peebles Island Campbell Island Troy Dam Lock 1 Field Crew Parking & River Access Waterford Dam ALBANY PCB LEVELS IN WATER Dredged Areas 59% 16 An Independent Evaluation of the PCB Dredging Program On the Upper Hudson and Lower Hudson River, The Hudson River Foundation, June 2017, Pg. 17