U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
“The Hudson River PCB Superfund dredging project has been a success ... This project is the most extensive dredging project undertaken in the nation, and its success is a historic achievement for the recovery of the Hudson River.”

GE to Perform Comprehensive Study of Hudson Shoreline Areas

FAIRFIELD, Conn. — October 1, 2014 — GE announced today that it has reached
 an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to perform a
 comprehensive assessment of the Hudson River shoreline from Fort Edward to Troy,
 New York.

“GE welcomes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announcement of our
 agreement on a comprehensive study of the shoreline areas of the upper Hudson
 River, building on the work we have been doing in the river and along the shorelines
 for many years. This agreement was cooperative and demonstrates GE’s continued
 commitment to meet its environmental obligations,” said Ann R. Klee, GE’s vice
 president of Global Operations, Environment Health and Safety.

“GE takes great pride in what has been accomplished thus far on an extraordinary
 series of environmental cleanup projects conducted on and near the Hudson River,”
 Klee said. “The agreement announced today builds on the significant sampling and 
interim remedial work GE already has completed in the floodplain. As the
 environmental dredging project draws to an expected close in 2015, GE’s work on
 the Hudson River will continue.”

To date, GE has sampled more than 3,200 locations along the floodplain. Under the
 new agreement, GE will continue extensive sampling along 80 miles of Hudson
 shoreline. Under EPA supervision, GE also will perform human health and ecological
 risk assessments. Based on the results of these evaluations, EPA will develop and
 issue a cleanup plan (in a Record of Decision) for the entire floodplain area.